Quorn to Blinman Explorer

498 kilometres 4 Days This tour has a maximum of six vehicles. Difficulty: Easy

Unveiling the Splendors of South Australia

Our 4-day adventure from Quorn to Blinman in South Australia offers a rich tapestry of experiences, seamlessly blending nature, culture, and history. Explore the rugged landscapes, immerse yourself in the local culture, and uncover the fascinating history of the region.

Great First Experience

Our 4-day tour is a perfect opportunity for touring, offering easy yet fun driving experiences every day. Join us now!

Amazing Scenery

Experience breathtaking landscapes and unforgettable panoramas with our 4 day Flinders Ranges tour.

Rich Culture

Uncover the rich Indigenous culture of this area with our unique touring adventure in the Flinders Ranges.

Historical Perspective

Explore the iconic Kanyaka Ruins and delve into the tales of the past, whilst immersing yourself in the region.

Trip Itinerary

Day 1
The journey begins with a warm meet and greet at the Quandong Cafe, complemented by morning tea. You are then introduced to the local flavours at Flinders Gin. This is followed by a visit to the historic Kanyaka Ruins. The day concludes at Wilpena Pound where you will unhitch, ready for the next day. This is where you can observe the Welcome to Country ceremony, immersing yourself in the local Indigenous culture of the Adnyamathanha people.
Day 2
Your exploration continues through both the breathtaking Bunyeroo Gorge and the Geological Trail; leading to Aroona Hut and the iconic Golden Spike. These natural landmarks offer a glimpse into the geological and historical past and present of the region, making for an educational and visually stunning experience
Day 3
The adventure takes a new turn with a visit to Blinman, where you will be taken with a local guide through the Blinman mine, experience the Blinman Hotel or Bakery, and then explore Glass Gorge. The day ends at the Wadna Cultural Centre providing an insightful cultural experience. We then return to Wilpena.
Day 4
Hitch up and get ready for the final day which is reserved for an artistic delight at the Jeff Morgan Gallery, then indulge in local cuisine with lunch at the Flinders Food Co. in Hawker. We then take a leisurely drive to the Iconic Cradock Hotel, rounding off a journey that will have been as diverse as the landscape of the Ikara-Flinders Ranges itself.

Tour Route

Package Inclusions

Our pricing includes the following...


•Powered site at Wilpena pound for 3 nights •Powered site at Quorn Caravan Park •Cradock Hotel unpowered site for 1 night

Food Provided

•Quandong café morning tea •Blinman Bakery morning tea •Flinders Food Co. lunch •Cradock Hotel dinner

Third Party Tours

•Blinman mine •Jeff Morgan Gallery •National Parks entry fee

Tour Pricing

1 Vehicle 2 Adults
$1,500 2 Adults
  • Child under 15 years additional $350
  • Child under 5 free

Upcoming Quorn to Blinman Explorer Tour Dates

1-4 May 6-9 August 2-5 September 17-20 September 2-5 October 16-19 October

from $1,500
1 Vehicle 2 adults

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The Quorn to Blinman Explore tour with Flinders and Beyond was an absolute delight! From the warm welcome at Quandong Cafe to the cultural experiences at Wilpena Pound, every moment was enriching.
emma johnson
Anneliese Herzog
February 2024
I can't rave enough about the Bunyeroo Gorge and Aroona Hut! The geological wonders and the educational insights were truly captivating. Flinders and Beyond curated an exceptional experience.
Børge Steensen
February 2024
The Jeff Morgan Gallery and local cuisine indulgence made the final day truly memorable. The Quorn to Blinman tour with Flinders and Beyond was a perfect balance of adventure and cultural appreciation.
Joanne L.
Joanne L.
February 2024

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